Here are my most frequented links:


Apartment Therapy – for ideas on design and personal home-style, trends and organization. As an aspiring minimalist living in a small, quirky hundred-year-old building with a cat, this has been a great source of help!

Introvert, Dear – a blog for introverts and hypersensitive people. Knowing that I am an “INFP” on the Myers-Briggs scale has helped me better understand my own gifts and needs. It’s not the beginning or the end of my story, of course, but it gives me perspective and the peace to be my own person in a loud, loud world.

LitRejections – encouragement and help for the rejected, budding, trying-to-get-out-there writer. We need all the support we can get, and it is comforting to know we’re in good company.

MentalFloss – for entertaining facts, trivia, and history. There is always a story or a list of “things I didn’t know about…” that get me thinking, teach me about a moment in history or understand a little piece of science. In the middle of a slog of a day, it is the perfect refresher for the brain.

Unsplash – beautiful, free-to-download images from generous photographers all over the world. These photographs are truly spectacular and inspiring, and I love using them on this blog and for my own projects. I’ll go there just to clear my mind from the clutter of the internet.

Wild Words – I love the daily tweets from Wild Words: inspiring, simple, and yet challenging. I want to make my writing beautiful and alive, and this site has opened my eyes to see how.

Writer Unboxed – sage advice on the world of writing, publishing, and creativity. So many writers, so many good posts, so little time.