2018 Projects


Revise and query The Confessions of Sive Kear. It is “done” but only for the moment. Honestly, is it ever done? The novel is in my beta-readers’ hands. From their feedback, I will have insight into what to cut, revise, improve upon, etc. Then, I’ll take the scary first step into sending queries out to agents.


Take advantage of this winter period in my writing life and return to this blog with more energy to spare and more patience with my chronically impatient self. šŸ™‚


Use up the craft paper and cardstock I have accumulated over these last four years. Already I’ve made myself a flip calendar and few cards. I hope to use it all up by the end of the year.


Restore my apartment to its former pre-writing tidiness.


JOY: great happiness, fulfillment, felicity, delight

MOXIE: courage, determination, pure nerve, energy

Joy + Moxie = life


I am Beatrix, and I approve this message!