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Brief Biography: Jillian (or J.P.) Boston

I am a science-fiction novelist with deep passion for history, simple beauty, poetry in prose, and exploring new (and strange) ideas. I spend much of my time reading and world-building and searching for good stories in book and television form. In 2016, my short story “The Lantern Hanger’s Wife” was published in the Fall edition of Fine Lines magazine.


“Joy & Moxie” is a haven for writers and creatives who crave a little rest and encouragement in a very loud world. If you’re feeling tired, discouraged or overwhelmed, come here and unwind a bit.

Joy is a feeling of happiness, wholeness and fulfillment. Moxie is energy, courage and determination. Together joy and moxie propel me to new things, to stretch my wings.

(Moxie also happens to be a soft drink in the state of Maine, but alas not in Nebraska!)

At this blog you will find posts on:


It’s a way of life, not a hobby that you can roll up into a drawer. It’s a part of you. Sometimes we need a little boost, or a new way of looking at the world. The posts linked in this section are about my everyday observance of the creative life: the mystery, what it means, where it’s taking me.


I am an anxious, introverted writer who has struggled to write whilst working full time. I am here to tell you that if you struggle – in whatever way – to create and to find joy in the act of creation, you’re not alone. It’s okay to rest and recharge, and reclaim time for yourself. These posts are dedicated to self-care and restoration.


Sundry bits and inspirations can be found here – from the small to the galactic, from the playful to the awestruck. These posts are intended as tiny doses of fresh air to keep you going, no matter where you are in your creative life.

DSCN1813 (2)Welcome to Joy &  Moxie! Be curious and encouraged!







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Please Note:

I envision Joy & Moxie to be a friendly place for writers and creatives of all walks of life. I have a strict No Trolls policy. That means you!

I’ve worked hard to build this little site up from nothing. The writing is my own, as are the majority of the images. Otherwise I’ve taken images from websites that do not require permission for reuse under a creative commons license, etc.

I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but it is important for me to be able to include original work. That said, if you desire to use any of my photographs, please ask me. I will most likely say “yes,” as long as you give me credit. I appreciate your understanding!