Freshening Up

You may have noticed that the blog looks a wee bit different. Consider the change to be pre-spring cleaning and self-motivation. One simply needs to change the décor after a while and see a flush of new color. Or less color. Out with the chaotic red grass and on with the eucalyptus. I don’t want […]

Clean Pages

Every December 31st and January 1st I find myself floating on a sort of New Year’s euphoria. Suddenly, time becomes a clean, white, empty slate upon which we can write, a blanket of newly-fallen snow. The possibilities are endless, and the first footsteps to mark that landscape are special. I’m always in a hurry to begin.

A Fresh Start

Over a year ago, I left my blog behind and didn’t especially miss it. I’m easily overwhelmed and easily frustrated. It is not the most ideal combination for a writer, particularly these chaotic days in the internet jungle. Daedalus Notes, a blog I’d shared with a dear friend since 2008, felt tired and the me […]